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Our Story


the rewards are not measured in numbers as much as the quality of life.

Over the course of 50 years in the land business, Leisure Properties owner Robert J. Duca has seen a lot of the changes to the world we live in.  Through it all, one thing has remained true from the beginning: that land is indestructible and does not lose its value.  

As purveyors of rural land across the United States and beyond, we have seen it all and done it all, and much of the land that we have sold is now no longer considered "rural".

In Wyoming, Leisure Properties started with 20,000 acres across two distinctive ranches, the land still raw and untouched — a major draw for many of our clients. 


Today, the natural feel of both ranches attracts cattle grazers and wildlife in equal measures in addition to large portions of both ranches have been contributed to a land conservation trust for permanent preservation in their natural state.  Suffice it to say, this has resulted in a great success story for both owners and local wildlife alike.   

Having sold over 7,000 individual parcels of land in his lifetime, Robert has helped countless individuals achieve their personal dreams of owning a piece of land.   For some, Bob says, it’s about financial security for the future; for others, it’s about posterity and meaning.   Even so, the most critical facet of land ownership is that you own it outright, no matter what reasons you may have for buying it.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to see why many find land to be the ultimate investment—after all, under all is the land. For just as many others, the call to the Old West comes at the right time—a place where a special warmth and friendliness exist like nowhere else in the country, and seclusion, natural beauty, and privacy are in surplus. 

Robert now enjoys his golden year and passes the torch to Dan, continuing the tradition.

No matter which walk of life you may come from, Wyoming land has something for everyone, all with magnificent views.  It is a peaceful, relaxed setting that we believe you must experience to appreciate.

Accordingly, buying land shouldn’t be difficult either.  The way we see it, it should be about as simple as the land itself. 


Using our deep experience, we have refined our purchase process for our prospective owners to be as straightforward and undemanding as possible.  Buying land is oftentimes an educational experience – both for you and for us. 


We kindly encourage prospective owners to get in touch with us to ask any and all questions, so that nothing is left unfulfilled as we help you fulfill your goal of becoming a landowner.

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