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is proud to be an active advocate of natural conservation efforts both on and off the ranch.  It’s not that we are mandated to do so, but instead because we believe it is our natural duty to maintain the land and ensure that it is habitable for local flora and fauna.  

Cassidy River Ranch is bordered to the west and to the north by a 2,500 acre conservation project, and Sundance Mesa has nearly 4,480 acres conserved, all for the protection of their diverse ecosystems, which include Wyoming’s own greater sage-grouse, of which has been in decline due to habitat loss across its species’ range. 


In fact, Wyoming has more of the birds and sagebrush than any other state: almost 40% of the greater sage-grouse population and 43 million acres of sagebrush.  Initiated by Dr. Frank Maurer and fulfilled by us, the conservation effort began as a culmination of a lifetime of work for Dr. Maurer, in which he saw beyond the simple act of preserving the land. 


At CRR, the mere presence of the Little Medicine Bow River attracts all sorts of wildlife throughout the year, and because of our conservation practices, many mammal and bird species are encouraged to remain in the area. 


At SMR, the vast plains of sagebrush allow the sage-grouse to flourish in their unique natural habitat. There is also a key lek for male sage-grouse to gather each spring and court discerning females with their exceptionally captivating dancing display.

Dr. Maurer

Dr. Frank Maurer is our resident conservationist and advisor.  He has been the other side of the conservation equation on and around the ranches, spearheading the preservation effort and contributing his own land and personal funds to the cause. 


We, the human population, must continually evaluate our impact on the planet as a result of our economic pursuits as well as the density of our members and the amount of waste that we produce; we must react accordingly.” - F. Maurer

We need to understand that we are tied to the planet.  There is no denying we are special.  The challenge is admitting we are not something different, that we are part of all creation”, Frank says.  “I look at the planet and I’m not discouraged but I am sad, sad at how much damage we are causing... There are ways to step more lightly.”  - F. Maurer

Dr. Maurer, who received his Ph.D. in vertebrate zoology and ecology from Cornell University, is also the founder and executive director of the Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy, a nonprofit, public benefit land trust dedicated to wilderness preservation, the promotion of biodiversity, native habitat research, and education about environmental stewardship.


He and the QRWC have been successful in protecting one of the few pristine areas left in the California Coast Ranges.  

Dr. Maurer likes to emphasize that reserves like Quail Ridge are meant to preserve the conditions of complex biological communities that are increasingly difficult to find in a world where open land is becoming more and more developed. 

But at the same time, the reserve is intended not only for the wildlife contained within, but actually for everyonescientists, educators with young students, or anyone looking to see the natural beauty and to feel the tranquility of undisturbed landscapes.

Whenever he comes to Wyoming, he likes explore the various natural habitats preserved all around our ranches.  


When asked about his favorite animal on our ranches, he replied, "The entire ecosystem is an incredible 'organism' which delights me every time I walk or drive on our ranches."

"In other words I have no single favorite, but one I will always remember which overwhelmed me was the August emergence of the thousands of Sage Moths — winging a mass of black, red and white color throughout our beautiful and ever rarer sagebrush."

When all is said and done, we are stewards of the land — if we do not work to conserve, no one else will. 

Dr. Maurer leads monthly guided walks at the reserve, dipping into his vast knowledge of the natural world and human history to enlighten participants.

He is a passionate educator, conservationist, wildlife biologist, farmer, and even stone sculptor, amongst several other interests and hobbies that keep him constantly busy.

Each of our new ranch owners receives 2 hours of complimentary personal consultation sessions from Dr. Maurer, who is an excellent resource for advice on utilizing your land to tap into its fullest potential.  He owns and operates an experimental 40-acre farm and is an accomplished 20-year veteran of farmers' markets and the produce industry.

If you are interested in learning more about conservation or would like to get involved, please do not hesitate to send us a note.

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